Island Center Farm is a small horse farm on Vashon Island, an island in the Puget Sound just west of Seattle, WA.  We board horses and teach riding lessons along with making our original line of all-natural skin care products and make-up and all-natural beeswax and soy candles.

Our Story: Horses

Julia and J.P.  bought Island Center Farm in 2014 with the goal to be able to keep their horses at home instead of boarding them.  Originally city kids it was a big step to move to the farm, but it fulfilled Julia's dream of one day living on horse farm.  While they lived in the city Julia taught riding lessons at a horse camp on the Eastside and boarded her horses at a public boarding facility.

Julia grew up riding horses. Whether it was out riding in the pasture or at the beach with her friends or taking lessons in dressage or jumping, it was by far her favorite thing to do as a child.  As an adult Julia has put most of her focus on Classical Dressage, studying with local trainers Karen Fitzgerald, Kellie Larsen and Ashleigh Rauen.  She has audited (attended) clinics with Buck Brannaman, Peggy Cummings, Beth Anderson Ness, Heinrich Johansen, and Gerd Heuschmann. Her primary focus when teaching is balance and harmony between horse and rider - perfecting the dance that riding horses really is.

"I don't want the horse to get trained, because training the horse is absolutely finite. But if you get the horse to operate as if to be your legs, an extension of you, you've far exceeded that whole training notion." - Buck Brannaman

Julia and Misty at some point in the 1970's.

Skin Care Products

In 2015 Julia began searching for a face cream that did not have so many chemicals in it but would still provide the wrinkle reduction and hydration she needed for her aging skin.  After not finding anything that fit what she was looking for, and inspired by her friend, Dolapo who made skin care products from Shea Butter, Julia began experimenting with making her own face creams.  That turned into a line of face creams, hand creams, body lotion and deodorant and has now expanded to include make-up and shampoo.  All made with completely natural, unprocessed ingredients and no chemical preservatives.