Welcome to Island Center Farm! 

If you are looking for Island Center Farm Skin Care Products or Beeswax Candles they are under a new business name and you can find them at http://www.myislandpotions.com

We are a small family-owned and -operated horse farm on Vashon Island.  We teach riding lessons and board horses.  For more information on our farm and horses please see the About page.   The photo above is of Julia's great uncles in Montana.  Back at the turn of the 20th Century her great uncles and her grandmother went to Dupuyer, MT and laid claim to 100 acres of land.  Over the next two years they were able "prove up" on the land by building a fence around the full property and growing a successful crop, thus being allowed to claim the land as their own.  Horses and farming go back a long way in our family!